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    I am from savanah ga . I remember the first time I saw LS was back at the first ga jam in the 70's . A friend of mine ( he is dead now he could not forget the needle) Mark told me he saw this great band at Agora ballroom in atlanta . Well he was right.I love the allman brothers but they had already had their ass kicked by the time they showed up . I have always wondered if that is the reason they showed up fucked up and throwing up on stage because they were already upstaged .

    I remember when Ronnie died it was so ironic the album in flames . I will always love Jonnie's Brickyard road . Through the years where there should be jealosy of diehard ronnie fans I think I have seen a real true love for someones brother . Granted I am sure that Jonnie and Donnie have had their moments envy but their love for their brother and family has always been in the fore ground .

    There was always something i could relate to like Free Bird ,cry like the badman to the ballad of curtis loew .

    I have to give it up To ShineDown for one of the best renditions of Simple Man I've ever heard . I think even Ronnie would of liked it and who knows likes it now .

    I joseph a Austin jr give up all rights to Lynyrd Skynyrd the lyrics that follow so don.t be scared they are incomplete

    There is a sonbird
    crashing against my window
    there are people
    who can't or will nerver dream

    there are some of us
    who hate life's mysteries
    and there are dead fish
    floating downstream from the factories

    there are bambi's
    hypnotised by the head lights
    there are too many snipers
    with laser beam sights

    there is too much killing
    without reason
    too much stupidity
    is in open season


    And the concrete is no longer creeping
    It's moving much too fast
    If we keep on sleeping
    I wonder how long we will last


    There is a songbird
    Crashing against my window
    Their are greedy men
    Eyeing my fishing pond

    I leave the reast to ya'll please do not let these words die

    be cool

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