Youre opinions of fanclub?
April 28, 2012 7:51:19 AM UTC Post #31

I remember the gold seating.. I also remember having awesome seats waaaay back when , by showing up
at the venue with my ID and fan club card.But-someone blew that for us.

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April 28, 2012 6:19:45 PM UTC Post #32

Wow...and I thought I was the only one who hated the "club" about a month ago I got an email saying my membership had been "renewed" and I was like wha??? I hadn't done that. I've not even bought a ticket in over 3 years. Let alone renewed anything. The email said $25 the bank statement said $35 and I came dang near close to screwing up a house payment thanks to them. Emailing does no good.. but in Sept when my debit card is up for renewal that should stop this crap hopefully. and to the person talking about the shirts being the same 3 years straight, in all the years I've been a "member" I've recieved 2 shirts, one black one white. I didn't even know we got them every year! Not that I plan on wearing them, but if thats what the 25/35 goes for it would be nice to recieve it anyways.

Remember the days when alls ya had to do was be on the phone/computer at the right time on the presale date? Life was so much easier then. Only worry was whether or not I was at work, and made arrangements to be on the phone or have someone be on the phone for me. And everyone had the same chance at front row seats as everyone else. Not this "package" deal, now a 5th row seat is sacred around here. And how many "normal'' working people can actually afford that? It just blows my mind and I've not even priced tickets in several years.

Things have changed for sure, my first post on this site, and I already recognize a bunch of names from the old days. I'm glad at least a few things haven't changed. I've met some of the dearest people in my life through these sites, and some, well not so much but I highly doubt they're around here anyways. Just glad I'm not alone with this fan club mess. Maybe one day it will get straightened out.

April 28, 2012 8:36:43 PM UTC Post #33

It seems to me that as infuriating/insulting/ etc. etc. this situation is to fans, the bigger insult is to the band itself. Why would fans be treated this way unless the "powers that be" see the group itself as a bunch of washed up has-beens that aren't really worth the effort that a true "Star" would be worth? Fans are treated well where they are valued for the support they give to something/someone of value. If they don't value the fans here it's because they don't value the group. I really wonder if the place isn't being run by the "If it ain't Ronnie it ain't Skynyrd" crowd.

April 29, 2012 1:21:23 AM UTC Post #34

@RossingtonRules: Does it meow and fly?

I'm Back You Bastards!

April 30, 2012 11:40:21 AM UTC Post #35

@Road Fatigue: lol-you KNOW it !!

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April 30, 2012 4:32:40 PM UTC Post #36

This might have something to do with why things are not up to snuff:

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Roadrunner Records Has Massive Layoffs, Absorbed Into Warner Music

Roadrunner Records, home to veteran artists like Rush, Steve Miller, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ratt and Megadeth, was absorbed at the end of last week into Warner Music with the result being massive layoffs around the world.

Staff from the Roadrunner Australia office based in Melbourne were given the news today by Warner Australia CEO Tony Harlow. Noise11 was told that about half the staff were let go and the rest will work for Warner.

Offices in the UK, Germany and Canada were also closed today.

Roadrunner was founded in the Netherlands in 1980 by Cees Wessels. By 1986, the label had an office in the USA and then quickly expanded to the UK, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, Denmark and Canada.

In December, 2006, Warner Music acquired a majority stake in the label and in November 2010 bought the remainder of the business. Cees Wessels stayed on as CEO.

Other Roadrunner artists include Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Nickelback, Korn, Dream Theater, Rob Zombie, Lenny Kravitz, Killswicth Engage, Machine Head, Stone Sour, Slipknot, Trivium, Underoath and Alexisonfire.

April 30, 2012 4:36:12 PM UTC Post #37

Here is another article on the situation with RoadRunner Records:

Earache Founder Comments On Roadrunner Firings

Posted by Chris Harris on April 28, 2012 in News

Earache Records
Earache Records founder Digby Pearson has commented on the recent closure of Roadrunner Records offices around the world, and the firing of several of its employees.

“Thursday 26th April 2012 will go down as the day the global metal scene went into shock as Roadrunner Records closed its doors in the UK and EU after being absorbed into its parent company Warner Music Group,” writes Pearson.

“For over 30 years since Dutch native Cees Wessels founded RR as an Indie label in the early 80s, Roadrunner Records led the way and shaped the tastes of every metalhead across the globe (including myself),” he writes.

“Behind the scenes, the successful careers of the metal artists we all know and love was achieved mainly because of the unseen army of staffers (A&R, Marketing, Distribution, Promotion, Touring, Videos, Accounts etc) toiling away in various RR offices — many of whom dedicated their working lives to promoting metal — but were sadly let go yesterday as Warners Music Group closed the RR offices across Europe and UK,” he writes.

“Dozens of staffers were made instantly redundant, presumably as part of cost cutting/ consolidation measures. RR ceased to be a true Independent in 2006 as the founder sold the majority of his company to WMG, and by the end of 2010 Warners had completed the buy-out, to assume 100% ownership,” he writes.

“Consolidation was inevitable ever since WMG took sole control, because RR simply couldn’t decide its own destiny any more. The July 2011 $3.3 Billion purchase of WMG itself by the chemical/media group Access Industries added another top-level hierarchy and no doubt spurred this decision.

“I don’t think the bands contracts with Roadrunner will be affected, records will still be released, distro’d, and promoted as normal, a few of the very key staffers will probably remain. Though some bands like Slipknot and Trivium have taken the shake-up badly and went public to show their support for the staffers who have been left jobless by the office closures.

“Its a rare thing for bands to publicly appreciate the workers behind the scenes, gotta applaud Clown and Matt Heafy for taking such a stance.

“I’d speculate that the decision made by WMG execs to shutter the UK/EU offices and dramatically downsize the USA HQ has been prompted by concerns over falling profits at the group as a whole in tough trading conditions. Sales-wise, Roadrunner is massive, by far the biggest metal label in the world — dwarfing Earache and even the German powerhouses too — but what everyone overlooks is that metal is almost a niche genre when compared to the gargantuan sales of Pop/R&B and Electronic music which dominates the airwaves and TV channels.

“Metal acts sell concert tickets and pack out summer festivals, but traditionally sell zero singles for example. Even on albums, Metal lags behind Pop- Nickelback‘s Here And Now (RR/WMG) has sold 150,000 copies to date in the UK, which is decent, but pales in comparison with say, Bruno Mars‘ 1.5 million selling Doo Wops and Holligans (Elektra/WMG) — that number is more in the ballpark of what these Major labels are used to dealing with.”

April 30, 2012 8:35:32 PM UTC Post #38

This message board is the only reason I would renew this year, I love reading the posts, stories and seeing the photos. It's nice to have a place to go where people like the same things you like in general.

That being said, fan clubs these days aren't what they used to be. In some cases they just can't be - the Internet makes everything instantly obtainable and having fan club exclusives is a difficult task. It's not impossible, though.

Almost all of fan clubs these days are run by fan club companies - Artist Arena, LiveNation, Music City Networks, etc - and I have had varying degrees of happiness with them. I joined Skynyrd's because I love the band. I've joined others for the presale opps of bands I like, only to be let down by getting crappy seats.

There is kind of a double whammy with this one, because the web site lacks information all the way around. News, photos and other media, links to articles and all that stuff is slow in coming if at all. Banners and tour logos don't really get updated until well after they should be and all that jazz.

I would love to see a fan club like the ones that used to exist before the Internet, but I can't see that happening. The Internet brings the fans closer and takes a way a lot of the exclusivity that used to exist. There does have to be a reason, incentive, something to keep people coming back. This fan club, among a few others I am a member of are lacking.

I used to run a fan club, so I know the amount of work involved, and I think that this one needs to be more than just a way to pay for the hosting of it. This one has little or no band involvement from all appearances - not surprising if it is run by a record label. Our fan club (now disbanded) was run with the artist directly and as the Internet made news available 'as it happened' we found it difficult to keep the fan club members at the top of the first to know list. We have found other ways to interact with the fans, like Facebook and Twitter.

I see a little more activity on Facebook and Twitter from the Skynyrd camp. It isn't exclusive and it is mostly just promotion mixed with facts. It's something I guess.

I am right there with all y'all in the frustration department, I am a music fan first. Working for an artist, I see both sides of it - and what I see here is the band being let down by the people working - directly or indirectly - on their behalf.

In this business, the fans are everything. There's a lot of history with this band and it deserves more than this. I do have to say that sometimes the business side of this industry is not looking out for the artists or their fans....
May 05, 2012 4:19:31 PM UTC Post #39

When they HAD the site like it should be, how did yall find out about the presale tickets? Was it on the board or a link or was it emailed to you? I have never seen Skynyrd and it's been my dying wish since I heard they started back up. I do remember the crash October 20, 1977. We live about 5 miles from it and we went to it that night but nothing to see but cars lined up on both sides of this old country 2 lane. We ended up behind an Ambulance and waited for them to load someone in it, don't know who, but we finally got to moving after that.

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Never met a man who's stranger"

May 05, 2012 7:29:46 PM UTC Post #40


I don't usually knock this site...I do agree that at tymes WE should get more and deserve ALOT more....


Because of this site (and the boards before)...
C-Breeze and I have made many,many FRYNDS that will last our lyfetyme....
We cannot slam a site that has given us so much...But then again YOU GET BACK WHAT YOU PUT IN!!!!

Because of this site we have had adventures and experiences from the east coast to the west coast.....We have enjoyed summits and solo shows.... that other fans can only wish they had the opportunity to attend

As for the pre-sale CRAP....Not every venue allows FC presales...So don't slam this site...
FIND OUT HOW TO GET THE BEST SEATS... there is always a way, if you try hard enough....

As for the Tee shirts....I have passed the duplicate shirts on to work buddies and somedays we end up as TWINS...

I understand that some may be disapointed with what they get.....
There are some of us that not only invest MONEY but TYME......

As a last thought....The show is the icing on the cake,

for us now, the adventure with FRYNDS is what its all about.....

H7 & C-Breeze

Looking for the next SUMMIT............

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