Welcome to Lowell Massachusetts !
December 07, 2012 1:20:58 AM UTC Post #1

I just saw that you'll be in town on January 19th. I saw you back in February at Foxwoods Casino. Will try and make your show on the 19th. I have my Native American Pow Wow to attend earlier that day as well. It's only 20 minutes from the auditorium. Rickey: I know you are a proud Native American as well. If you're in town early that day and have some time feel free to come by and enjoy our heritage. The Pow Wow is going to be held indoors at the Bedford VA Hospital, 200 Springs Road, Bedford, MA. This Pow Wow is the 1st one of the year in New England. Check for updates on www.glica.net. Sometimes the weather can wreak havoc this time of year. Hope you, the band and your families have a great holiday season ! Mitakuye Oyasin - Ray 'Roaring Bear' Wagner

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