TOP 5 Songs from God & Guns???
October 06, 2009 3:54:14 PM UTC Post #31

This cd has to be one of the best Skynyrd cd's I have heard since the old days. It just blew me away. It is really hard to pick just five; but if i had to choose five:
1) Still Unbroken
2) Floyd
3) Simple Life
4) God & Guns
5) Unwrite That Song

Again these are the five I would pick if I really had to! Too many good songs, to really pick five. I almost put Floyd at my #1 spot; that song is classic Skynyrd with an erie twist. I really love that song!! Skynyrd is definately back, and back with a ''Bang Bang''. Keep the music alive... Skynyrd Nation Forever!!!

October 06, 2009 11:53:32 PM UTC Post #32

@wideglide2002: GREAT post! You are a true Skynyrd FAN.

Ain't nothing sweeter than a Southern girl!

October 06, 2009 11:55:33 PM UTC Post #33

@oz69: I love the song Floyd also. Thanks for sharing your positive thoughts!

Ain't nothing sweeter than a Southern girl!

October 25, 2009 12:00:27 AM UTC Post #34

1.Southern Ways
2.Gifted Hands
3.Little Thing Called You
4.Still Unbroken
5.Hobo Kinda Man

Those are the ones I like alot now but there are
many other's that could be on that list too.

"I was cuttin' the rug down at a place called the jug"

October 25, 2009 12:17:32 PM UTC Post #35

5 favorite songs off GOD and Guns:

1. That' Ain't My America
2. Simple Life
3. Southern Ways
4.Unwrite that Song (make's me a little teary eyed but....)
5. Raining in My Heartland

(I also enjoy the "live" versions of Sweet Home Alabama and Red, White, and Blue)

My least favorite: Floyd (too creepy for me!)

October 26, 2009 7:14:57 AM UTC Post #36

My favourites from God & Guns are:
1. That Ain't My America
2. Simple Life
3. Floyd (Nice to listen when running on the riverbank during the dusk although there ain't no gators in the Finland)
4. Unwrite That Song
5. Hobo Kinda Man

There is also lot of good music in G & G like Skynyrd Nation and Raining In My Heartland but you only asked me to pick five.

October 26, 2009 4:06:18 PM UTC Post #37

CAINT MAKE UP MIND.................... MUST HAVE AIR ! ! !

WARNING>>>>>>>>> SYSTEM OVERLODE>>>>>>>>>>

ITS ALLLLLLLLLLLLL GOOOOOOOOOOD................................................ rusty


October 26, 2009 9:00:16 PM UTC Post #38

ya know, it took me a couple beers, on #2 actually, and attitude adjustments, alot of thought to respond to this post, and can't leave out the listening to the new G & G cd for the numerous times i've had it each day, can't quite do that math now, just know it's an extreme amount! and i can't name 5, there is absolutely no way for me, each and every tune, and some of the insights about the tunes, and toss in they each and every one carry their own individual message/story, all i can say is it's impossible for me! oh well, that's my comment and i'm holdin' to it! HA! Keep the Faith, and always tuyn it up and "Rock Suthyn"!


October 27, 2009 1:42:05 AM UTC Post #39

@mcskynyrd: I know exactly what ya mean ! Can't make a top 5 either, it's like choosin' wich one of your (grand)children you like the most ... All songs are unique and powerfull in their own way. Seems they will come back to Europe in febr/march . So we can hear a few G&G songs live also. Play them all, please !

October 27, 2009 8:11:29 PM UTC Post #40

Awesome CD for sure. For some reason Bang Bang is one of my favorites but love them all....

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