October 30, 2010 3:37:29 PM UTC Post #71

Mornin Frynds,

Had ta change my avatar in honor of tha N. E. summit................. I thank CITH posted tha pic ,.... Hope ya dont mind if I borrow it taday????.............. Dont furget 01776 will be ther fur security ( so dont let him have too many jellooooo shots),
N be sur ta give my ole frynd ( tha dung slinger) H7 N cbreeze a big HOWDY from me and nuthinfancy....... As we are gettin kinda old..... we will relay all smoke signals thru planet Utah............ lungs arnt wat they used ta be.................... Gonna be a special nyte .... soes how about Saturday Nyte Special........ fur tha song of tha day, Mr. gavel miester??????

Gotta rough day taday I Hate (love) this tymea year............. HUH??????????????? rf........... choco chip or peanut butter?

Yall have a ROCKIN DAY.......... N TURN ER UP......................................... rusty


October 30, 2010 5:23:59 PM UTC Post #72

@Cat in the Hat: NICE BANNER!


October 30, 2010 6:12:46 PM UTC Post #73


Hi Mike …. Here goes the setlist arrangement for tonite at the Simple Man Saloon. Kick off time is 8:30 pm

Set one

Saturday night special


Whiskey rock a roller

On the hunt


Needle and the spoon

Curtis Lowe

I’ll be runnin’

Beer drinkers

Call me the Breeze

Set two



Don’t ask me no ?

What’s your name?

Hold on loosely

Sweet home

Cheap sunglasses

Simple man

Bounty Hunter

Set Three


Double trouble

Down south jukin’

Ramblin man

That smell

I know a little

Gimmee 3 steps

If U wanna get to Heaven

Gator Country

Whiskey man

Set Four



Trust your old friend

Hard to handle

Poison whiskey

I aint the one

Cheatin woman

Train train

Free Bird


October 31, 2010 7:37:23 AM UTC Post #74

The Summit was awesome..The Simple Man Saloon is THE place in New England for sure for anybody that is about Skynyrd !!!!! Wickey and Mike have a winner there !!!!!!

Hooked up with great FRYNDS tonite ... Swamp Fox, Medway Simpleman, Wickey, H7 and CBreeze ... and of course don't you know that Medway got into the front line and was singer of the Hour in Simple Man as the sing along spread like wild fire... I think that boy has himself a career in his future with a microphone in his hand !!!!!

Security was definitely under control with the SwampFox keeping EVERYTHING under control ( ps... don't mess with this boy if ya know what's good for ya!!!) To H7 and CBreeze I hope your trip was something that ya folks can remember, such a pleasure to meet ya face to face!!!

Pics will be coming soon on my myspace page and facebook page and I know the others have a lot coming also!

The crowd was TERRIFIC !! Saw many Skynyrd shirts on the floor and met a lot of cool peeps out there!

Jan and I had a SUPER time... Thank you all my frynds .. 3:35 am time to be signing out !

~ Cat in The Hat

" Here to respect a part of the whole .... the bassmen, Leon & Ean "

November 01, 2010 12:25:39 PM UTC Post #75

I have to agree with CiTH on the New England Chapter of Skynyrd Nation is the Simple Man Saloon.

I love the additions since our last event at the Saloon. New concert style lighting and new artwork on the walls.

It was and outstanding night. Meeting our great Frynds from the Great White North Norm & Diane, it was a pleasure getting to meet you both in person and swapping "Skynyrd" stories. You have a hell of a lot more stories and miles that I don't think anyone will be able of compete against.
And then this set of huge hands choking my neck with the grip of a vise, Mr. SwampFox himself...
It was really very cool to have that many members from Skynyrd Nation at one place. Then to top it off we get to be entertained by JoeZ and his bandmates kickin' it Southern Style.

Southern Breeze entertained us for hours with 4 sets taking short brakes between sets. No bs just hard driving Southern Rock classics. NICE!!! And once the evening was coming to close, we cried for MORE and they did not let us down sang another song. We cried for even MORE and once again another song then finally last song. So it was about 4-5 hours.....

Nice touch was they preform Simple Man twice, once as part of there set and the second dedicated to the "Simple Man Saloon". We'll wickey grabbed me and put me on stage with the lead singer Marc and we belted out a couple lines of Simple Man. Then later in the song we had a bigger group on stage with Southern Breeze. Wickey, Kristen (his lady Frynd), Mike (Wickey's partner of SMSaloon) and his wife all got to lend there vocals to Simple Man.
That was very cool....

And to top it off SwampFox and my self were responsible for shinning the lights on the disco ball during Freebird... Just like the in the concerts... That was pretty cool....

So all in all it was another "Kick Azz" night at the Simple Man Saloon and a HUGE success for the 1st Annual Halloween Bash/Smoke Summit.

That's why this site is a great one. Not only do you get to chat with your Frynds accross the counrty (and in some cases across the pond). But when the chance comes to meet face to face it's that much more special.

Thanks goes to..... Jon (wickey) for having a place for us to let off some steam and raise some good clean hell.....
JoeZ and members of Southern Breeze for providing us and sticking true to the songs from the great South....
Jan & Joe for providing us with those "Jello" shots..... OMG!!! I'm not lying and maybe a led a shetlered life but I had never had a Jello Shot before and damn they were good and POWERFUL!!!! I had one prior to the show and one during the show... Luckily they played well into the late night/ early am... LOL....

Here's looking forward to the next Meeting of the Nation...

I'm not dead, at least not yet, Still Alone, Still Alive, STILL UNBROKEN....

November 01, 2010 12:43:08 PM UTC Post #76

PICTURES ... The Simple Man Saloon 1st Annual Southyn Rockyn Halloween Bash 2010

Here is a link in case anyone wants to check out some of the photos .... Enjoy

Click Here To See Pictures

~ Cat in The Hat

" Here to respect a part of the whole .... the bassmen, Leon & Ean "

November 02, 2010 3:14:52 AM UTC Post #77

Hey Ya'll....Skynyrd Nation

I'm attended yesterday's Patriots my voice is spent...glad I can type Cause after the Halloween BASH/Summit

my vocals was near they are....whew...

As for Hill 7 and Cbreeze....sitting there talkin to you was a very cool thing to remince over some of the shows we've been to...or listening to Southern Breeze...and hanging with Wickey,Medway...Joe/the band.. when he/they could....was a Real TREAT..

As Joe's pictures show...the crowd was as Lively and hopin as ever....Costumes on about Half the crowd just added to the allure of the bands great Sound...Trying to put to words what transpired is not gonna do it justice....I think anyone who drives 1000 miles to meet me/US Definately gets my respect.!
The Music as always was..played with a passion and excellence few bands can pull off...except SKYNYRD of course.!!
The many in attendance had come in for a drink or to socialize ..but left with a True feeling for the Saloon and the band...and the impressions that were made will bring them back for more!!
theres no Simple explanation..or catchy politcal correctness about it...We Are Skynyrd Nation.....
We like our Families and FRYNDS.....Enjoying our Lives....Dancing where and when we want...even Fliriting with Disaster....if need be ! Taking the time to get to know not just others....but ourselves....
Acting sometimes like college kids and taking 1000 mile Road meet New people...or hear Skynyrd tunes....
Stomping our feet to the Southern Breeze beat....knowing it's what makes our Lives complete...!!!
so as I wrap up my take on the Annual Simpleman Saloon Halloween Bash...I urge you to take alook at the pics...Participate here as much as you can and become a apart of...............SKYNYRD NATION..!!!

Thanks for the Good Times, Good FRYNDS and Good Memories.........Long Live SKYNYRD Nation..!!!!

God Bless America
Happy Trails Ya'll for NOVEMBER 2nd .................RED White and Blue
Wonders if having " Southern Breeze" play the next Western summit is too much to ask....hmmmm......Nation.?

November 03, 2010 6:01:54 PM UTC Post #78

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone that contibuted in one way or another to the success of our first annual Halloween Bash.

It was great to hang out with such great people while listening to such great music. Medway and Swamp Fox may have a future in the stage lighting field as they added the final touch to a great evening by working the disco ball during Freebird. Medway also impressed the crowd with his vocal abilities (much like he did at the Jimmie VZ show a couple weeks ago).

It was a great pleasure for me to meet a couple of our Frynds from the north. Norm and Diana are a two of the nicest people that you will ever meet. Thank you both so much for the visit and for the great gifts. The poster is pricelss and the authentic Canadian beer made for an awesome toast.

Southern Breeze was once again in top form. Joe Z. and the boys were spot on all night. The lovely Mrs. Z did a great job of capturing the night on film. The entire band and their significant others are all fun/good people to be around.

Along with those of us that were here physically, there were a couple of names that popped up during conversation that reminded us of a couple of Nation Members that were with us in spirit. Prez. Rusty and McSkynyrd's names were both brought up through out the evening. We all sure wished that you fellas (and your ladies) could have been there with us all. Well, maybe next time. By the way, there may a little something on it's way to planet Utah. Keep an on eye on the mailbox McSkynyrd.

November 06, 2010 4:04:32 PM UTC Post #79

@Wickey: envelope received yesterday! snag a frame today! thanks for thinkin' of me Brother! KEEP THE FAITH!


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