Still Unbroken


from God & Guns

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The first single from God & Guns, the upcoming album from Lynyrd Skynyrd.

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skynyrdfanfrom04841 // November 06, 2009 10:06:18 AM UTC

Still unbroken was definately written about me. See I am a Gay Repiblican who is a die hard Skynyrd fan. I have been through a lot in my mife both personally and physically but I am still unbroken from who I really am. I have cuts and bruises even had my nose broken but again i am still unbroken.


The Infidel // November 06, 2009 12:38:26 AM UTC

God & Guns is quickly becoming one of my favorite albums and it stands up with any of the Lynyrd Skynyrd albums released prior to the plan crash.


chershare // November 04, 2009 12:42:27 PM UTC

yeah man!! "I'm still alone...still alive...still UNBROKEN"!!! what amazing words from such an amazing band!! can't wait to see them rock out in Augusta, GA!!!!!


Texas Free Bird // October 31, 2009 12:13:18 PM UTC

After listening to the new cd for the first time, I wasn't quite sure about it, so I put it down for about a week. When I got back to it again, it hit me,"hey this is a damn good cd". I think it's even better than Vicious Cycle, and I really like that one a whole lot. God Bless U Boys.....


mindio // October 30, 2009 3:35:59 AM UTC

Great Song, Great Album. Thank You


mom of youngest fan // October 24, 2009 3:44:43 PM UTC

skynyrd rocked then they rock now. rock johnny 4 keeping it alive and going. my dad introduced me 2 them at a young and infact first concert was w/ dad 2 skynyrd concert. i passed this rock knowledge down 2 my son including first concert was skynyrd and he's 7yrs old and request we listen 2 them. i dedicated "simple man" 2 my son the min i knew he was a boy. god bless and keep rocking!!!


harley96 // October 24, 2009 10:07:35 AM UTC

I remember distinctly the very first time I listened to a Skynrd album. A friend of mine owned two head shops back in the 70's and one night after we were closing one of the stores he asked me to listen to this new album he had just received. It was of course the "pronounced" album and ever since 73 I have followed this band through their worst of times and their best of times. Without getting all teary eyed and emotional and walking down memory lane, I would like to say that the band has come full circle with the release of God and Guns and I hope and pray they stay the course and keep "rockin" for many years to come! God Bless Lynyrd Skynrd.


DREJRUBY // October 23, 2009 9:39:55 PM UTC

One should not expect anything less from SKYNYRD! Hail to the BEST!


58 Korina Explorer // October 17, 2009 5:18:51 AM UTC

I've had the new album for about a week. I am not only enjoying the traditional crunchy rhythm guitar and the soaring sound of Gary's Les Paul, there is the sweet overtone of the strat as well as plentiful slide on offer. The variation in the dynamic (Still Unbroken vs Unwrite that Song) adds to the listening pleasure. (I thought I could hear a little Travis Tritt in the aftermentioned song!)

Like Northernfan, I would love to see a Skynyrd tour, but here in Australia. Last year I wrote to Vector Management regarding the matter, but with no reply.
Be encouraged by other ROADRUNNER acts eg Dream Theater who are touring for a second time in December 09.

Blessings to the Band! Gary you are a champion!


rebelman // October 13, 2009 7:38:56 PM UTC

Picked up God & Guns CD a couple days ago, awesome songs. LS keep up the music, gives us joy, hope, and inspires us!

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