Specialist Rank on Hat
October 31, 2009 1:08:56 AM UTC Post #1

I posted this under I know a little as well so pardon the dual post.
I just noticed while watching an old black and white Skynyrd video that on one of Ronnies black hats (couldn't tell if it was the snake banded one or not) that he had the US Army rank of Specialist on the hat.Its subdued rank so its black as well so you have to look for it.
My question is was there significance to this? These guys do alot for the military, and I as a soldier appreciate what they do.Ronnie had this on back in the early 70s during Viet Nam when it wasn't super popular to be troop supportive,which says to me the gratitude they have for the military isn't just hype its genuine and generational.
Thanks guys for what you do for us in the military !!!

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