sorry mam
October 02, 2012 2:00:10 AM UTC Post #1

I hate to start ANOTHER thread so tell sunrise I am sorry once again.I know you are gonna hate me and I dont want that.RossingtonRules is a lady,huh?Once more I assume something.I am sorry bout that mam.I guess I HAVE to behave now.I would like to put you in touch with them and you can eliminate the middleman.I promise I will make the calls in the next two days as we leave for Talledega.They have always been very nice about telling stories from Ronnie,Allen and the rest of the bands early years.Allen spent a great deal of time with sis Betty and especially after the car crash.You would not believe the stuff she and her family have or what they gave me.I screen these type of calls for she and Mr.Larkin.I do not want any person taking anything that they dont want to put on the web.A few ill words have been spoken of Larkin Sr.,but I saw what he did for Allen and how much Allen had his father involved in his life.He has never owed me a word but has always been a fine old gent to us.He introduced me as his grandson in N.Y. and caused a few raised eyebrows.Whatever!I would be proud to claim being related but Im not.Well,I am actually out of steam and words.Very pleased to meet you and all the fine people(YES,EVEN YOU SUNRISE),so happy trails and Gary does in fact rule!P.S-Jimmy Johnson loves Skynyrd.....who doesn't?

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