Shepherd's Bush London 11/12
November 13, 2012 10:55:02 PM UTC Post #1

Just a brief account from last night in West London

Longer set than in March, 1 hour 40 ish

Strange venue,seemed small and seemed to be all seated, though I was standing behind the last row on the third level which was a long way above the stage, but I can't imagine having to sit down for Skynyrd....Venue sold out with loads of touts outside .
My main joy is the sheer energy and professionalism of all concerned to make it a special occasion when Skynyrd are in the House, as JVZ kept reminding us. Brilliant playing and a great show.

Quality all the way through Skynyrd Nation and MCA gone from the set but 3 tracks from Dyin' Breed..title track as set opener, One Day at a Time and Good Teacher. Would have loved another one or two such as Life's Twisted or Homegrown BUT 3 was better than I feared.

Seemed to be a wide range of the most familiar classic stuff, more than than I recall from March. Needle, Call me the Breeze I Know a Little and Tuesday were the one's I don't recall from Hammersmith.

Such a joy to see the twice in a year after a 36 year gap after Knebworth. What they do brilliantly honours and respects the roots and memory of the originals.

Two more UK dates but can't afford to do them !!
Please stay safe and come back to the UK soon.

December 15, 2012 2:11:23 PM UTC Post #1

Hey pat51, I would love to hear some more about the Knebworth concert, I've heard that our 'Boys' nearly blew the Stones off the stage! Write back would ya? Mrbreeze1974

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