Performing in the cold!
October 19, 2009 9:08:10 AM UTC Post #1

My hat is off for the whole band performing out there in the cold today. Enjoy the warmth when you return south! ;-)

" Here to respect a part of the whole .... the bassmen, Leon & Ean "

October 20, 2009 12:20:56 AM UTC Post #1

Thanks for a great performance Skynyrd, and withstanding the cold and wind. I tip my hat to the road crew as well; they started setting up at 2 am, wow. I wasn’t able to see the entire show; did Skynyrd play anything besides “Simple Life” and “Sweet Home Alabama”?

October 20, 2009 8:15:37 AM UTC Post #2

The only other snippet of a song I made out was Needle & the Spoon beside the songs you mentioned. Fox mentioned the band had played outside for 3 hours. Most of the time when they briefly showed LS playing though the anchor people were talking

Really impressed to see that LS still plays out there among the common people and gives no attitude that these types of gigs are beneath them. They are all true professionals and down to Earth people (road crew included). I'm sure they'll remember that gig for a long while brrrrrrrrrrr.....

" Here to respect a part of the whole .... the bassmen, Leon & Ean "

October 20, 2009 9:09:32 AM UTC Post #3

I was there, and it was so cold!!!! They did "What's Your Name" as well, but they were doing snippets of songs, I guess for the Fox folks to talk through them??? Not fair, should have showed ALL the songs in full. Not a lot of fans there at all, early anyway, so I was right up front (after seeing them at Wesbury Sunday night!!). I was thrilled (to say the least) that I got to meet Johnny and Rickey and get autographs and pics. Cool bunch of guys! This New Yorker has a Southern heart!! God Bless Skynyrd, and Rock On!!!

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