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September 16, 2012 8:26:04 PM UTC Post #1

I am a new member but I have been a hard core Skynyrd fan for a long time. I was just kid in the seventies. When I was in high school my oldest brother and I went to the 1987 Skynyrd concert with the Rossington Band. Before the show I actualy bumped into Ed King. We went to a couple of Skynyrd concerts together. On Spetember 6th 2002 my brother and nephew died in an accident.
This year was the 10th year of his passing and Skynyrd was coming to my area on Spet 9th. I looked into tickets but waited to save the money. With life going on never got tickets. Septemper 6th comes thinking about my brother playing Simple Man on the way to work, open my work email had an email sent offering me tickets to the show on the 9th . My wife said you got an email today for skynyrd tickets? You need to buy them to coinsidental your brother wants you to go.
It was so cool how it worked out saw a great show and felt my brother pressence doing what we use to do together.

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