Lynyrd Skynyrd Track by Track 6 - "Storm" & "Gifted Hands"

Lynyrd Skynyrd sit down to discuss "Storm" and "Gifted Hands."

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bipblake // November 10, 2013 6:36:05 PM UTC

I first heard of Billy's passing on the radio.I'll never forget it.Aside from me losing my dad in 2004 & later on my only brother in 2008 & just last April my mom in 2013 I have really been an emotional wreck.But I was just stunned to say the least upon herring the news about Billy.Then I heard the song gifted hands for the first time when I bought the cd.And I just flat out lost it & busted into tears.Later on, like 2 years later, I bought me a grand piano & am self teaching myself how to play.I was also sad about the loss of Ean to.Though my ties to that were not as emotional cos he wasn't with Skynyrd for as long as Billy was, it still hurts.Its like every time ya turn around someone passes away.But time after time, the band gets right back up.And that's a good thing, cos I know as a fan I need you fellers & gals in my life.In the span of 12 years I have lost both my parents & my only brother.All 4 years apart.But much like Skynyrd, time after time I to, continue to pick myself back up.And I owe that to Skynyrd cos you showed me how to survive.And me & Johnny Van Zant have this in common.We both lost a brother.But at least Johnny still has one left to where as I don't.But I now know first hand, what Johnny musta went through.So we continue to be one in the same in so many ways.And I have seen a ton of your shows to.Saw ya 5 times this past summer.My cousin owns several planes & we flew out to see ya this summer.As always it was a blast.But thanks for the great songs for Billy & Ean.Just a great tribute to 2 of the great ones.Love ya guys N gals 4/ever


fb_david_starkey // April 29, 2012 8:50:04 PM UTC

Yours songs are from the heart and a musicians soul. Thats why we love you guys. Rock on. Thats whats life about.


rickeyskynyrd // February 23, 2010 2:37:56 PM UTC

Storm is very unique, I love the 1st chords, hooked me rightin. Love the hard stuff. Love Bernice too, nice and heavy. Gifted Hands omg Johnny, you did awesome on this, be proud. Got the rock, got our age group lyrics, and hey whether we admit it or not, we all have faith, just dont take time to dabble in it, but now we can with our friends of skynyrd. Ive seen you guys in concert every time you re in town,always up front, I ll tell you Robert Keyes great on keyboard, but Billy was the distinct sound, very pronounced in your songs. Its missed sorely.


kodiak405 // November 27, 2009 11:11:52 PM UTC

great album going to be a classic jonny lets get togther and pen a couple im a part time singer song writer and a full time truckdriver so i have a lot to write about great job thanks keep rockin


jvz22760 // November 25, 2009 12:36:07 PM UTC

I was just 17 years old when Skynyrd first started getting hit with "fallen members". It's really sad, and kind of scary. Johnny, Gary, and the rest of the band...take care of yourselves. My dad used to say he was gonna live to 100, and that "if the grim reaper comes knockin' at the door, I'm not home"...well, he made it to 83 years old, passing away in April 2008. We're all gonna go when God wants us, but we can also give it a good fight, so I echo Johnny's words about getting your butts to the doctor when something's wrong. Take care guys and let's pray that there are no more fallen members for quite awhile.


Theta Jones // November 21, 2009 9:41:13 PM UTC

Emotionally, "Gifted Hands" didn't really hit me until that last string part on the very end. I was listening to it on the stereo in my room, and for most of the song I was like, "Okay, this is a pretty good song. Good tribute to Billy, yeah..." Then everything just stopped. The guitars, the drums, everything; and that one sole guitar started playing that melancholy tune again. I don't exactly know what triggered it, but I burst into tears. I think that, for whatever reason, that last part of the song must have somehow made the fact that Billy was truly forever gone from this world genuinely click. I must have cried for like... 10 minutes at least. And I'm not afraid to admit it! I looked up to Billy (I still do), and while I never had the honor and pleasure of meeting him in person, his passing still hit me pretty hard. Oh well... I'll just have to shake his hand in heaven, I guess...

BTW, could Billy REALLY not cut grass? I know that sounds like a dumb question, but still... (I wouldn't be surprised really; God had to compensate for all that insane talent somehow... Lol)


God's Girl // October 05, 2009 4:10:34 PM UTC

Hi Guys,
Wow...I'm all teared up just listenin' and hearin' you explain where the songs came from. I had the awesome privilege of living with Billy and his dear wife, Ellen for a few months back in 07. Ellen and I grew up together in MA. I actually introduced her to her 1st husband and in turn she met Billy and his 1st wife...they played together in the RCB and the ACB...maybe Vision too...not sure. Anyway, I was going thru a big storm...moved from Nashville back to Jax....big storm in Nashville too...going thru a divorce with an angry teen age son, who wanted to be in Nashville where all his friends ex. battling with cancer and before that heart problems and a pacemaker...God spared his life twice...but they were fierce storms for sure...Billy and Ellen opened their home to us...we each had our own rooms even...they loved us and cared for us like family...and Billy always said..."sweetie, you stay as long as you need to...we love you and Noah, your family..." He would send flowers to Ellen and me with the sweetest cards...they made me cry...he became my big brother...we laughed together, cried together, cooked together, prayed, watched tv and movies...I am SO thankful for that time we had but my very favorite thing was when he would sit down and just PLAY for us...OMG...private concert in the livingroom...he had so MANY songs he had written or co-written or spontaneous was an absolute honor to be in his company. My bday was in Dec. 07 (the big 50) and I got to fly out to Vegas to do the 2 shows at the Hard Rock...where I met and fell in love with Ean and Eva...we had an instant connection....I hung out with them one night, after the show...such fun and it was if I had known them my whole life. Ean loved to talk to fans and give autographs and pics. even after a full night on stage...I loved the way he said my name in that big ole' southern slowww drawlll...the Mississippi Kid...miss you, brother...they were two awesome, gifted human beings that I am so glad I got to meet and hug and laugh with...make memories with...they will forever live in my heart.

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