love you guys... before till now
January 09, 2013 8:28:30 AM UTC Post #1

I don't no where to start. I thougth I explained this before but I'm not sure what happened. I'm a huge Skynard fan, always have been. I followed my sister's husband back in the day like my own brother. He WAS a truck driver and with Overnight Truck out of Nashville. He had a fatal crash in Coridon Indiana. He left my sister, and my two nephews (at the time 13 and 7). These guys are like my own and they are in there 30' now. It quite amazing the position I have with these guys today. I'm their "Uncle"! It makes me proude. It's kinda silly to relate this with your band, but I do. It just relats. I feel if someone has a story, and has a relation with Skynard, they do. I love you guys for this. It may be silly I know buy my contact number is 270-723-2113, address 3577 Salt River Rd. Rineyville, Ky 40162. It make me so proud to have u reference them ( Chris and Brandon), or Bud Jones "Moon Doggie". Keep kickin ass brothers. Thanks a million!!

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