Live, Original Line-Up Concerts
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Does anyone know why Skynyrd hasn't released any old live video of concerts with the "original" line-up besides what you get in Freebird The Movie? I'd love to watch an old concert of them. Even if the sound is not all that good, so what! Hope someone in Skynyrd management is reading this. Us fans deserve to have that, and we'd pay for it. Just a thought.


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January 08, 2010 8:58:53 AM UTC Post #1

Youtube has mostley everything out there.
Here is a list of known pre-crash footage

1) Freebird The Movie
2) 1976 San Francisco
3) 1975 San Francisco
4) 1976 Old Grey Whistle Test
5) 1977 Day On The Green
6) 1977 Asbury Park, NJ
7) 1974 Germany
8) 1977 Pepsi Cola Tribute

About a month ago there was a 1 minute snipit of the band doing Freebird from California.(1977)
It was removed the same day. It looked real good.

I heard there was more out there, I wish Judy would release whatever she has. What is she waiting for?

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Maryland4Dixie - on VH1 classic, they have been showing the Olde Gray Whistle show alot. I think it's from around 75-76. Steve Gaines isn't with them yet.

January 08, 2010 12:45:18 PM UTC Post #4

@Trilok: Yeah.....I've enjoyed watching that one.

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@Princecharming: I really appreciate you taking the time to list those concerts. I'll start looking around. They've got to be floating around out there somewhere. I just wish the band would do what it takes to get them out officially. Pay Ed, Bob, Thomas, Judy, Collins kids, whoever. I'd gladly pay an increased cost to take care of the financial obligations. Hell, they deserve they're portion too...I'm good with that.

Again, thanks much!

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January 08, 2010 11:10:46 PM UTC Post #6

@Trilok: Thanks for the hint about VH1 Classic. Much as I hate having to sift through the other crud they have on there, Skynyrd's worth it.

Thanks again!

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January 09, 2010 1:07:18 AM UTC Post #7

@LynSkyn1981: I don't really think anyone is blaming anyone for anything, especially Ronnie's widow Judy. Personally, I'm happy for you that you have some rare video's. Apparently you're a pretty big fan, which is why you sought to obtain them. Kinda what we're talking about here. Because like you, we're also big fans and would like to see the video. Unfortunately, I never got to see the old line up as I was only 7 when the plane crashed, so....see where I'm going with this?

Simply put, if the band chooses to release some old video, there's money to be made. And, as a huge fan, I hope they do. And just for the record, I buy all my music and video, I'm not a music pirate. Those guys are nothing but thieves. That said, I surely don't mind watching some of these old YouTube tracks from the Old Grey Whistle Test. Never saw any of that before tonight. AND, thanks to you, I also watched the Behind The Music tonight. Guess I'm the fool for not knowing that was out there. Thanks to you and RossingtonRules, I became the wiser.

Look, I understand where your heart is on this, and you're right. But, we're just fans. That's why we're even on this message board.

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January 09, 2010 5:56:37 AM UTC Post #8

@Maryland4Dixie: I know you were looking for pre77 footage, but I like to share also some good post87 stuff with you. I'm only connected to the net recently (about 2 years), but one of the first things I did was viewing every vid of Skynyrd I could find (took me a few months every evening !). Had to make the switch from RVZ to JVZ (pretty weird), but now I appreciate the "new" (lol) leadvocalist as much as his late brother. A gift from above, just like all the other great musicians that came, and went back a little too early, altough each one still has his place in the history of the band and the hearts of the fans.

Here's my list : (all on YouTube)
Lynyrd Skynyrd-That's How I Like It-Vicious Cycle Tour
Lynyrd Skynyrd-Puistoblues 1996
South's Gonna Do It Again Superbowl Lynyrd Skynyrd
Rickey Medlocke-Acoustic Classics Live-1993

And a few interviews :
Soundcheck : Lynyrd Skynyrd
Lynyrd Skynyrd-Behind The Scenes
Van Zant-Froggy-Pittsburgh
Surviving Lynyrd Skynyrd (JoJo)

Thanks for the pics you shared !

January 09, 2010 12:51:45 PM UTC Post #9

@wolfwhistle: Oh I fully agree, and please don't misinterpret me. I love ALL Skynyrd. JVZ is totally awesome. He is such a natural fit and the music is still as kick ass as ever. It's not exactly the same as pre-77, but every band evolves, even ones with the same basic band mates. I do appreciate your list, it has some stuff on it I didn't know about. I'm especially interested in the "Rickey Medlocke-Acoustic Classics Live-1993" as I'm a big fan of Sir Rickey of Royalty! The interviews look neat too, especially "Surviving Lynyrd Skynyrd (JoJo)." Great sutggestions, THANK YOU!

But please all, SKYNYRD NATION YESTERDAY, NOW AND FOREVER. RVZ/JVZ! And yes, thank you to Gary for helping anchor the band through all the curves and tragedies!

Thanks wolfwhistle!

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January 09, 2010 12:58:56 PM UTC Post #10

@LynSkyn1981: Yeah, I understand and appreciate that too, you're right. Guess I can wish in the one hand and shit in the other and then wait to see which one fills up first (ha). Meanwhile, I'm grateful for all that the band has delivered over the years in ALL it's capacities and line-ups! Bottom line is that it's the music that matters, and the band has never held back on giving it's fans all that they could. All the rest is simply icing on the cake.

Oh, and you're absolutely right about the bands/families/estates private collections. To them it's more than simply a collection, it's family memories and that's sacred. Up to them what they wish to share, or not.

But, I'm now checking out YouTube more in-depth. For now, that's where the neat, rare stuff seems to be.

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