last rebel vacation
September 28, 2009 2:42:00 PM UTC Post #1

a chance meeting in an arbys resturant that ill never live down. bumped into johnny&wife long time ago in fort oglethorpe,ga.@chicamuagua battlefield wife and i were wearing 1991 t-shirts they came in until then we were only people in arbys wife says thats johnny vanzant,i said noway she said ya empty arbys they came sat right behind us ,wife continues too say thats him i said what would he be doing in f.o.,ga. wife said dont know but thats him.they sat behind us sneckering.when last rebel tour came to chattanooga,tn.ofcourse we were there,johnny says he and wife toured battlefield while on vacationfrom recording last rebel and if the couple we saw in arbys is here tonight this ones for you my wife gave me an elbow i still fill they did you got that right

October 10, 2009 8:04:52 PM UTC Post #1

i thought my story was interesting more so than the next time we saw each other when skynyrd play finley stadium in chattanooga,tn with driving&crying and 38 special while donnie ws unavalible do too knee surgury,i had on a 1983 here,thereand back allen collins band t-short one of skynyds roadies ask me what id take for it? i said i dont know maybe a backstage pass, he stated cant get you a laminated one but maybe a stickon temp. i said i dont know i guise i better not he went told johnie and johnie and leon came out while 38 was playing and gave me thumbs up after checking out shirt front and back iwas on second row if infact there were rows.that was in1998or 99 still got that along with about 50 others of different logos from skynyrd concerts the only other stories ihave are about meeting shakinghands with leon in1978 with his arm in acast of sorts and meeting ronnie allen and gary in1972 i thought maybe it would be interesting too someone other than me thank you davidm

October 13, 2009 7:43:48 PM UTC Post #2

didnt have to hear it, new it be great, my goodness man its from LYNYRD SKYNYRD whatchyall thinking?whatch yall lookingfor?true to SKYNYRD since 1972 them and me been here forever and whether i am or not theyll be here for evermore man forever more ,thats a darn long can take it too the (creek)bank man david m

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