Galveston Concert
November 01, 2009 8:54:12 AM UTC Post #1

The concert at Moody Gardens in Galveston was amazing! Great music! Bought the new CD and it is fabulous!!! As a military widow and a veteran the video of the military is a wonderful visual tribute to all of us that have served and all that have paid the ultimate price!!Great work gang keep it up!

November 01, 2009 10:55:53 PM UTC Post #1

Glad that you were touched by the video--I'm sure that it had special meaning for you.

Ain't nothing sweeter than a Southern girl!

November 01, 2009 11:19:52 PM UTC Post #2

i've just seen them in galveston. they rocked! what a show! i really enjoyed it. did take some great pics of johnny van zant up on the stage. loved it when they sanged free bird in memory of his brother ronnie van zant. he will be missed.

November 02, 2009 11:43:07 AM UTC Post #3

The guys put on an awesome show! We are fan club members and paid extra to be on the 2nd row. Too bad Moody Gardens did not respect that. I know if we ever return to Moody Gardens we sure wont pay for premium seats, the people who paid for reserve seats got an awesome deal, we got screwed on the price.

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