August 15, 2013 4:42:01 AM UTC Post #1

Greetings Johnny and Pete,
I think what's posted here in the 'Description' box is self-explanatory regarding this post.
BTW...I also would like to add my two cents in saying the above show was absolutely incredible! Of course, Every! Skynyrd show is incredible, and as you know if you read the above mentioned message, I have gone to Every! one between the Syracuse/Verona area and Niagara Falls, NY for the past 28 or so years, but I would still like to point out how tight the band was, the members made sure to perform toward the front of the stage and spend long periods of time at each end if it (in addition to the center), as well as the sound being perfect, so All in that Huge crowd were able to both see and hear these music legends well. I would also like to add that I was super-impressed by your opening band, Drake White and the Big Fire. They did not perform like an 'up and coming' group...they were like seasoned musicians (therefore, I was wondering if Drake is a nephew or relative of Johnny's)!! Now, I'm looking forward to your show at the NYS Fair. This 40th Anniv Tour is a 'Must See' for All Southern Rock music fans!!

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