Facebook Fakes
September 01, 2012 5:34:33 AM UTC Post #1

A friend of mine asked me to pass this along as an FYI..

well friends on soapbox again about the person who is trying to make everyone think they are Johnny Van Zant on FB and Christina Canseco trying to get people to believe she is his granddaughter remember what i told you yesterday that is NOT Johnny Van Zant on FB and Christina Canseco is NOT his granddaughter Johnny Van Zant doesn't have any grandchildern,, have had several people contacting me on this and i am again asking you to copy and paste this on your page and please ask your friends to copy and paste this if we can get this out to as many of the fans we can maybe we can stop these people and their lies i have added a few new friends on here today and i want to say welcome and hope you wille word out ,again i thank you for your help and i promise not to get on my soapbox again, lol, again here is my email address if you need to contact me on this matter ,,,,,janevanzant@yahoo.com ,,,,,,,GOD BLESS ,, "aunt" Jane Van Zant

I ain't Hidin' from nobody, Nobody's hidin' from me

September 02, 2012 3:57:49 AM UTC Post #1

There used to be a person on this website who claimed to be Steve Gaines ?? Creepy Folks out there.watch out be careful indeed....

Thank You Lynyrd Skynyrd for the music!

September 07, 2012 2:48:30 AM UTC Post #2

Yea` I saw that too, theres also someone on there who is supposed to be Leon Wilkeson & Duane Allman (yea` I know Duane didn`t play in Skynyrd but you can see my point)........do you really think they have Facebook in rock`n`roll heaven????


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