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August 03, 2011 2:59:32 PM UTC Post #1

OK...Disclaimer - this is all in a pure fun - interesting kind of mind set. It's just kind of a post to kind of lighten up the day (so please keep this in mind when responding!) ;o)

I got to thinking the other day it would be cool to have Skynyrd make a cover cd(s) - (double cd set). It'd be interesting to see the songs and groups you'd love to hear Skynyrd cover (since Skynyrd does everything better than the originals ;-) ). Not saying it would happen, just kind of a cool way to see what everyone would enjoy seeing. Again, all in PURE FUN.

So with no further ado, here's what I think would be cool to hear:

1) Tim McGraw - "My Little Girl"
2) Charlie Daniels - "What this World Needs (Is a Few More Rednecks)"
3) Waylon Jennings - "Just to Satisfy You" [Johnny/Rickey Duet]
4) Waylon Jennings - "I've Always Been Crazy"
5) Merle Haggard - "I Take A Lot of Pride In What I Am" [Ronnie was buried to this song]
6) Gretchen Wilson - "Politically Uncorrect" [Johnny/Charlie Daniels Duet]
7) Aaron Lewis - "Country Boy" [Johnny/Aaron Lewis Duet]
8) Alabama - "When It All Goes South"
9) Alan Jackson - "If Jesus Walked the World Today" [Johnny/Alan Jackson Duet]
10) Brad Paisley - "Start A Band"
11) Seven Mary Three - "Made To Be Broken"
12) Creed - "Inside Us All" [Mark Tremonti guest starring on Guitar] (feat. Travis Tritt)
13) Breaking Point - "All Messed Up" [feat. Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)] - One of my favorite love songs
14) Michael Tolcher - "Mission Responsible" [feat. Michael Tolcher]
15) downhere - "A Better Way"
16) Keith Elgin Band - "For Your Name" [feat. Keith Elgin and Emily Elgin]
17) Allman Brothers Band - "One Way Out"
18) Molly Hatchet - "Mississippi Moon Dog" [with Montgomery Gentry]
19) The Outlaws - "South Street" (Johnny/Hughie Thomasson Duet (meaning lift Hughie's voice off tapes like they did with "Travelin' " kind of like paying a tribute to Hughie)]
20) Johnny Cash - "Big River" [feat. Merle Haggard]
21) Hank Williams Sr. - "Settin' The Woods of Fire" [Johnny/Bocephus Duet]
22) Black Label Society - "The Last Goodbye" [feat. Zakk Wylde] (would be cool to see Peter Keys jammin' the piano on this song and see Gary take lead on the solo - niiiiiiice)]
23) Ozzy Osbourne - "No More Tears"

"I've seen a lot of people who thought they were cool...
...But then again, I've seen a lot of fools"

August 03, 2011 11:05:30 PM UTC Post #1

Id like to hear lynyrd skynyrd band come on THERE WEBSITE here and awnser this question on if they ever were to do cover cd what songs might be in there thinking?
I dont know why they dont come on here i guess they been there done that and people people or something? oh well.

Thank You Lynyrd Skynyrd for the music!
December 22, 2011 4:57:52 AM UTC Post #2

@Just Sum Dude:

Hopefully they would be as awesome as Heartbreak Hotel off Endangered Species!!!!!!!!!!

December 23, 2011 8:00:08 AM UTC Post #3


i'm Thierry from Paris and i have a french Skynyrd website !
thats possible to have your van zant illustration for my website please?
with your copyright of course !

Thank a lot and merry christmas for you and your family !
sorry for my bad english....


we cant wait the next cruise !!!!

Rock'n' Roooooooooooollllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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