Cheatin Woman
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Don’t know what happened to the other thread but I feel obliged to answer Road fatigue about the song ”Cheatin Woman”. RF argued that the lyrics proves that Ronnie Van Zant, despite having written ”Saturday Night Special”, may not have been in favor of gun control after all. Well surely RF, you did not give this much thought. Who in their right mind would promote non-restricitve gun laws by writing: ” I'm gonna get that pistol gal. I'm gonna shoot you and all your pals”.
Not even NRA would wanna be supported by a fool like that.

The song is about jealousy and what happens to a man when the suspicion of foul play is eating its way in to his soul and brain. Now for the poor confused main character of this song getting a gun seems to be the only solution he can come up with. Do you really think that the songwriter Ronnie Van Zant thought this was a good idea? In that case he must have suffered from Schizophrenia since this song follows right after Saturday Night Special on the excellent Nuthin Fancy album.

Finally, thank you everyone for a respectful debate


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Nuthinfancy ROCKS, tha lyrics rock, N lets not be arguein with tha Joint Chiefs!!!!!


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@prez. rusty: that's it this thread officially closed, the Prez has spoken! LOL

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Thanks fur tha vote SM72 ( Dept of G.G.H.T.)

NOBODY HAS APPLIED FUR VICE PRESIDENT ????? Quess its cause I got toooooo many ! ! !

Havnt heard from tha D.O.D. ( Dept of Dung) Guess I'm gonna havta do a roll call !


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