April 18, 2012 11:33:33 PM UTC Post #1

Way back in 1973, I attended my first Lynyrd Skynyrd concert (I've seen them 22 times since) and that first show changed my life. It was such an ear opening experience that, I still judge all live concerts to that one live show. We had been hearing Freebird on the radio for about two weeks when a concert was announced for the local county fair grounds. The line up was Uriah Heap, Lynyrd Skynyrd & Manfred Mann while the band was waiting to go on stage, they were playing cards behind a make shift plywood barricade that separated the crowd from the back stage. I went to the show with five good friends, on the way to the show we picked up some wine and concealed the hooch in our pants. During the Manfred Mann show one of my friends leaned to hard on that plywood barricade and it fell over on the band as they were playing poker. Well you can guess what happened next, the roadies threw his ass out the back door real quick ( we was drunk ) and he passed out behind the building. Then Skynyrd came out to play and play they did, Ronnie was leading the charge with Gary and Allen smoking the hell out of their guitars. I had never witnessed an onstage performance like this before it was white hot as you could imagine, we just stood there amazed at the tightest rock music we had ever heard. They played the entire first album with Freebird for the finale, Allen & Gary were dueling it out like a couple of gun slingers with Ed and Leon backing their play. Billy was ripping at the keyboards while Bob Burns was thumping on the drums, I could feel the hair stand up on my head as they tore the place apart. Ronnie had this big smile on his face as the notes played faster and faster then everything went silent.... the band had just blown the fuses for the entire sound system. That ended the show for the Skynyrd band that night, but what a show it was. Those seven musicians put it all out there that night, we were fans forever, then the band came out by the side of the stage and apologized to us, for our friend getting kicked out the back door. We still go see the Skynyrd Band although the members have changed over the years, the family spirit and quality of the music stands true as it did way back in the day! Remember all of the good friends we have lost, for they will be with us for all of the good times ahead. Respect Allways, West Coast Rebel aka: John Knowles

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Great story West Coast Rebel and thanks for sharing it!

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