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I wanted to clarify the discussion of the Confederate Flag in our recent CNN interview. Myself, the past members and the present members (that are from the South), are all extremely proud of our heritage and being from the South. We know what the Dixie flag represents and its heritage; the Civil War was fought over States rights.
We still utilize the Confederate (Rebel) flag on stage every night in our shows, we are and always will be a Southern American Rock band, first and foremost. We also utilize the state flag of Alabama and the American flag as well, ‘cause at the end of the day, we are all Americans. I only stated my opinion that the confederate flag, at times, was unfairly being used as a symbol by various hate groups, which is something that we don’t support the flag being used for. The Confederate flag means something more to us, Heritage not Hate…

-Gary Rossington

Posted by TheDuke in Site News September 21, 2012 5:03:00 PM UTC |

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josemar // September 27, 2012 10:03:45 PM UTC

I agree in gender and number with Gary Rossington degree, the Confederate flag is a trademark of banda period. In Importantly opportunity'm anxious for the return of LS, Brazil.


Missouri Bushwhacker // September 27, 2012 3:46:21 PM UTC

From the Marble Hill Constitution News

said:perhaps Gary Rossington did some soul searching after the CNN interview and the backlash from the fans. The end result is that the band will once again fly the flag that has been the symbol of the band for over 40 years, and our heritage for 150 years.

You , me, or anyone else for that matter has no right to demand what kind of merchandise they sell. The free market will determine the demand. Isn’t that what our ancestors fought the war to begin with? Besides, Gary Rossington isn’t telling us what merchandise to sell.


Funny // September 27, 2012 7:46:31 AM UTC

I totally agree with ls.jimhart. It´s just music and it´s the tradition of this wonderful band. may be as a german I am not the right one to judge about it - but this is my opinion.


Funny // September 27, 2012 7:42:58 AM UTC

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beowulf38 // September 27, 2012 12:45:00 AM UTC

don't you think it is about time for people to stop dying for a flag or any glorious idea they were tought about a"motherland". I am sure this sad story is going to last on and on for there is not much to expect from persons bound balls and chains to a country. I do love mine but i feel totally free to disagree with too many things that have been done not mentionning was is done these days. No improvement can emerge from blind worship, we should know tha from Hitler and Staline, not even mentionning younger freaks, some of them still ruling.


beowulf38 // September 27, 2012 12:28:02 AM UTC

i am not sure at all that a Bavarian identifies himself as a bavarian German person, but this works fior many persons in many countries. No wonder it is hard to build Europe, when people keep naggind at eachother from thr hill, down to the valley. Except for iphone 5, how far did we go from caves? Francine


Missouri Bushwhacker // September 27, 2012 12:11:28 AM UTC

I just want to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Gary and the rest of the gang for holding on to our heritage and proudly displaying the Confederate Flag on stage each night.

I have written an article for the critics out there and I hope they read it:


beowulf38 // September 27, 2012 12:06:22 AM UTC

well well well, this is turning into a very delicate point these days.As i was told when a kid, always twist your tongue 7 times before speaking then again i might hadv forgotten what i wanted to say. I am french bexccause i was born there, and because of the education i was given, which was rather not bad. I won-t wave any flag for any country. Too many troubles over centuries because ofstiff images that may be twisted any which way. I feel sorry tonight for another war starting thanks to a french president,fortunately he didn-t get a Nobel award. Now Africa is going to be a real battle field for france once again


Jakethecruiser // September 26, 2012 8:09:35 PM UTC

I agree with ConfederateGuyton and let it be known I am a Yankee from the North East. I am also not even really a fan of the group. I am from the Greaser generation.

But, all this BS about the Confederate Flag really gets to me.

To this here Yankee, the Stars and Bars is and always will be an "American" Battle Flag. Many "Americans" died for this flag, whether the cause was right or wrong or even what those brave men believed the cause to be.

As such, it should hold a place of honor and respect.


confederateguyton // September 26, 2012 6:27:48 PM UTC

@FEDUP: Amen to what you are saying. I am fed up myself with the whole "back down" attitude that many white's have. What is so shameful with the confederate flag? Gary should be ashamed.

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